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terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

DESIREE - Modern Living Room Furniture, Lacoon by Jai Jalan

Comfort and modernity get a move on, when Jai Jalan waves his magical wand and conjures up some fabulous furniture designs. This time he has done a fabulous job in presenting a new furniture set called Lacoon for Desiree Divano. The set includes a snug armchair with a swivel coffee table for placing a cup of tea or a laptop, and a stylish sofa to beautify your living room or the guest area. Since Jai structures them in gloss chromed metal, you have the option of going with either a black or a white mat lacquered wooden top. Gruppo Euromobil makes the exquisite range available in several colors and fabric or leather finishes. It’s just the thing to inspire anyone with a taste for modern comfort, isn’t it?