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sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Doll - Take me Away

A warm, friendly and round presence to always keep nearby. A new, luminous habitat to adopt in life. An object that tell a fascinating, intimate story, with a simple, direct style. This is Dol!

Inspired by the shape of the  traditional Japanese Kokeshi Doll: small artisan wooden creations made as a souvenir, ornament or children's toys, whose stylized shape provokes an immediate emotion. A round head and body, just like the Kokeshi doll's silhouette, Doll has two simple and distinct volumes that gives shape to an idea and create a new personality on the contemporary home scene.
Doll was not designed to stay still in one place, but to travel through different rooms in the home, in a variety of situations and uses. On the bedside table, an occasional table or desk, for reading, studying or to add a luminous, decorative element to every space.